Packaging Printing Methods

Ayres Packaging Printing Methods

We use five methods to print on our products:
Hot Foil, Flexographic, Screen, Pad, & Offset

Jewellery Cases Hot Foil,
Pad Printing
Cardboard Packaging Hot Foil
Pouches & Envelopes Hot Foil
Paper Carry Bags Hot Foil,
Paper Bags Flexographic
Soft Pak Hot Foil,
Pad Printing
Tissue / Grease proof paper Flexographic
PVC Stationery Hot Foil,
Screen Print,

Application of printing type:


Typically used for small prints (up to 10x10cm) on almost any surface. Able to print in a matt, gloss or metallic finish. Due to the printing process, the print image is embossed into the product creating a strong impact.

  • Single colour printing only
  • Minimum print run is 500
  • Print plate charge $100-$150


Used for large print images and for high volume prints on paper products. This process is used for printing our paper bags, gift wrap, tissue paper and carry bags. Unlimited colours and print coverage on white paper. When printing over coloured bags, dark colours are most suitable due to the translucent nature of the ink.

  • Up to 4 colour printing
  • Minimum print run is 1000 for carry bags and boxes.
    10,000 for other paper products.
  • Print Plate Charge $150-$1000 depending on size and number of colours


Mostly used for printing on PVC products such as Soft Paks and Ring Binders. The thick screen ink offers vivid printing onto any colour PVC.

  • Up to 4 colour printing
  • No minimum print run
  • Print Plate charge $60 per colour


Suitable for printing on 3-dimensional objects such as the outside of jewellery boxes.

  • Single colour printing only
  • Minimum print run is 500
  • Print plate charge $100-$150


Used where high image details and / or unlimited colours are required. This printing method is applied to Carry Bags and printed sheets encapsulated into binders.

  • Unlimited colours
  • Minimum print run is 1000
  • Set up $100-$400