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We specialise in food packaging supply throughout Australia and offer a wide range of food packaging options including food bags, food storage bags, paper packaging, carry bagscatering boxes, wraps and labels – all safe to use with food. 

Our range of food packaging is supplied in stocks such as foil-lined, heavy-weight, grease resistant, brown or white kraft. This range is ideal for food vans, catering businesses or cafés and restaurants offering takeaway food. 

Whether you’re after pre-printed packaging, environmentally friendly and recycled options, or food packaging for Christmas, we have a food packaging solution for you. 

We have a range of window bags & boxes in a variety of sizes ideal for catering or to use for patisserie products. Our label range includes safety labels such as use by stickers, hot/cold labels & allergy labels and label dispensers for easy application & storage. Our carry food bags come in die cut handle or twisted handle options and we also offer wine carry bags too. We have a large range of stock printed bags for hot/cold food, wine, cutlery and more. Our wraps are available in a variety of weights from 26gsm through to 70gsm and both plain and coated options are available. 

Quantity discounts are available.

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  1. Clamshell family boxes

    $59.83 / Pack (ex GST)
  2. Clamshell chip tray boxes

    $77.85 / Pack (ex GST)
  3. Clamshell large snack boxes

    $55.46 / Pack (ex GST)
  4. Clamshell snack boxes

    $51.72 / Pack (ex GST)
  5. Clamshell hotdog boxes

    $53.73 / Pack (ex GST)
  6. Clamshell dinner boxes

    $51.68 / Pack (ex GST)
  7. Clamshell hamburger boxes

    $53.09 / Pack (ex GST)
  8. Clamshell Burger Box High

    $57.09 / Pack (ex GST)
  9. Catering Boxes

    $58.50 / Pack (ex GST)
  10. Food Wrap - Grease proof - Cheq

    $42.83 / Ream (ex GST)
  11. Kraft Paper 70gsm

    $17.11 / Ream (ex GST)
  12. 2kg Potato Bag

    $23.16 / Pack (ex GST)
  13. Hamburger - 1SQ Glassine Flat Bag

    $26.86 / Pack (ex GST)
  14. Label Dispensors

    $89.76 / Item (ex GST)
  15. Deli & Butcher Labels

    $31.68 / Roll (ex GST)
  16. Void Safety Labels

    $59.00 / Pack (ex GST)
  17. Hot / Cold Labels

    $27.72 / Roll (ex GST)
  18. Grease Proof - 38gsm SKAN

    $29.83 / Ream (ex GST)
  19. Grease Proof - 32gsm SKAN

    $24.67 / Ream (ex GST)
  20. Tray Liners - Wax Paper - Cheq

    $33.74 / Ream (ex GST)
  21. Bottle Bags - Plain

    $14.12 / Pack (ex GST)
  22. Window Box Bottom Bags

    $142.91 / Pack (ex GST)
View as Grid List

Items 1-36 of 73

per page