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Flat satchel bags are a versatile packaging option ideal for retail stores, food vendors, stalls and events. Our range of flat and satchel bags includes heavy-weight bags, bottle bags, foil-lined, greaseproof paper bags and grease resistant bags. 

We offer heavy-weight options that can hold weights from 1lb to 6lbs and foil-lined bags ideal for greasy or hot foods such as fried chicken or kebabs. Our grease proof lined bags come in both white or brown, in a variety of sizes and are a cost-effective food packaging solution for takeaway food vendors. Our grease resistant bags are suitable to use for hot food and also come in a wide range of sizes. We also have plain brown and bleached bags available in a large range of sizes & shapes including square & long. This range also includes bags for packaging bread. 

Bulk quantity discounts are available and we can also custom print your bags to promote your brand or business.

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  1. 2kg Potato Bag

    $23.16 / Pack (ex GST)
  2. Bottle Bags - Plain

    $14.12 / Pack (ex GST)
  3. Foil Lined Satchels

    $35.69 / Pack (ex GST)
  4. Heavy Weight Satchels

    $10.52 / Pack (ex GST)
  5. Grease Resistant Bags

    $19.86 / Pack (ex GST)
  6. 40gsm Brown Bags

    $13.06 / Pack (ex GST)
  7. 37gsm Bleached Bags

    $16.79 / Pack (ex GST)
  8. 40gsm Glassine

    $23.89 / Pack (ex GST)
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Flat & Satchel Bags