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Grease proof paper is an ideal food packaging option for takeaway foods such as sandwiches and wraps. We supply wholesale greaseproof paper throughout Australia and our range includes INDO, SKAN and EnviroSKAN options. Grease proof paper is a cost-effective packaging option that is convenient and easy packaging for your customers when consuming food. It often eliminates the need for bagging food as it is suitable as standalone packaging. 

Our INDO grease proof paper sheets are 26gsm and are suitable for light-duty – ideal for wrapping sandwiches. If you are looking for heavy-duty grease proof paper, our SKAN grease proof paper sheets come in either 32 or 38gsm. Heavy-duty grease proof paper sheets are ideal for retail food services such as butchers and grocers and for wrapping takeaway foods such as wraps. Our EnviroSKAN grease proof paper is suitable for heavy-duty use too. All grease proof paper options are available in a variety of sizes from ¼ sheets right through to full sheets.

Bulk quantity discounts are available. Custom printing is also available for grease proof paper packaging. Custom printing is great for promoting your brand or to add a point of difference to your product packaging.

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  1. Grease Proof - 32gsm SKAN

    $24.67 / Ream (ex GST)
  2. Grease Proof - 38gsm SKAN

    $29.83 / Ream (ex GST)
  3. Grease Proof - 26gsm Premium Brown

    $22.38 / Ream (ex GST)
  4. Poly Coated - Plain

    $44.64 / Ream (ex GST)
  5. Baking Paper - Plain

    $62.69 / Ream (ex GST)
  6. Peel 'n' Seal Strips - Plain

    $35.39 / Pack (ex GST)
  7. Sale Kraft Paper Kraft Paper

    Kraft Paper 70gsm

    $10.84 / Ream (ex GST)
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8 Items

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