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Grease Proof - 32gsm SKAN

Full Sheet

Heavy Duty

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Products in this range
NameCodeColoursSizePack QtyPrice (AUD)

1/2 Sheet

PGR 1/2 PL 32400 x 330mm800 per Ream$0.00/Ream (ex GST)

1/3 Sheet

PGR 1/3 PL 32400 x 220mm1200 per Ream$0.00/Ream (ex GST)

Extra Large 1/2 Sheet

PGR 1/2 XL PL 32430 x 342mm800 per Ream$0.00/Ream (ex GST)

Extra Large 1/3 Sheet

PGR 1/3 XL PL 32430 x 228mm1200 per Ream$0.00/Ream (ex GST)

Full Sheet

PGR FULL PL 32400 x 660mm400 per Ream$0.00/Ream (ex GST)

1/4 Sheet

PGR 1/4 PL 32200 x 330mm1600 per Ream$0.00/Ream (ex GST)

Extra Large 1/4 Sheet

PGR 1/4 XL PL 32215 x 342mm1600 per Ream$0.00/Ream (ex GST)

Extra Large FULL Sheet

430 x 685mm400 per Ream$27.46/Ream (ex GST)
NameCodeQuantity To BuyPrice (AUD)Discount Price (AUD)
Extra Large FULL SheetPGR FULL XL PL 32 10 Reams
20 Reams
50 Reams
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