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Printed food wraps are a great alternative to plain wrapping. They can make your food stand out and add a touch of class to your packaging. We supply printed food wrapping paper to retailers throughout Australia and offer quantity discounts. 

Printed food wraps are not only a convenient and cost-effective packaging solution for your business but they also make it easier for your customers to consume your food products. Our range is ideal to use as printed deli paper. For hot or greasy foods we have a grease proof printed deli paper with a classic chequered print - available in a range of sizes & colours. We also have polycoated printed food wrapping paper available in sizes from 1/8 sheets through to full sheets. We also supply peel & seal strips ideal to use as printed sandwich paper. 

Our range also includes wax paper tray liners in varying sizes and prints. These can be used to line baskets as well as trays.

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  1. Food Wrap - Grease proof - Cheq

    $42.83 / Ream (ex GST)
  2. Tray Liners - Wax Paper - Cheq

    $33.74 / Ream (ex GST)
  3. Poly Coated - Fresh & Healthy

    $50.15 / Ream (ex GST)
  4. Peel 'n' Seal Strips

    $42.83 / Pack (ex GST)
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