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Window Bags & Boxes

Food can certainly be visually appealing and when you have a range of choices available, window food boxes are a great way to showcase your food and make it easy to see different options. When it comes to food, quite often consumers make a decision based on how something looks rather than basing their choice on a written description alone. This is why cardboard food boxes with windows are used by many food vendors, especially patisserie boxes with colourful products like macarons becoming increasingly popular. 

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  1. Small Loaf with perf - WhiteSmall Loaf with perf - White
    Small Loaf with perf - White
    As low as $67.48 As low as $0.00
  2. Patisserie Boxes - SmallPatisserie Boxes - Small
    Patisserie Boxes - Small
    As low as $186.48 As low as $0.00
  3. Catering Box Base - SmallCatering Box Base - Small
    Catering Box Base - Small
    As low as $61.43
  4. Catering Box Base - MediumCatering Box Base - Medium
    Catering Box Base - Medium
    As low as $80.33
  5. Catering Box Base - LargeCatering Box Base - Large
    Catering Box Base - Large
    As low as $56.70
  6. Catering Box Base - Extra LargeCatering Box Base - Extra Large
    Catering Box Base - Extra Large
    As low as $62.21
  7. Lid Only - MediumLid Only - Medium
    Lid Only - Medium
    As low as $65.36
  8. Lid Only - LargeLid Only - Large
    Lid Only - Large
    As low as $50.40
  9. Lid Only - Extra LargeLid Only - Extra Large
    Lid Only - Extra Large
    As low as $53.55
  10. Window - 80gsmWindow - 80gsm
    Window - 80gsm
    As low as $150.06
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17 Items

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