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When it comes to jewellery, packaging can be so important. Jewellery packaging creates suspense, adds a touch of luxury and can truly enhance special pieces. We supply wholesale jewellery packaging throughout Australia and also offer quantity discounts.

We offer a variety of jewellery packaging options in our range including wholesale boxes for jewellerybagspouchesribbons & bowswrapping & tissue paper as well as displays and pricing systems & tags. Our packaging supplies for jewellery can cater for lower price point jewellery products right through to high-end products. Our packaging boxes for jewellery are ideal for rings, necklaces and earrings. We have a huge range to choose from in many different styles, colours and sizes. Tissue paper is often used for jewellery to help keep it safe. Our tissue paper is acid-free and comes in a range of colours. When shipping jewellery, you want to make sure the item is packaged appropriately to avoid damage during transit. Our boxes and postal packaging options will ensure items are delivered safely. 

How you display your jewellery is also important. Jewellery display products like busts, watch holders and trays allow your customers to see the products properly and visualize how they might look on. We also have basic paper carry bags, popular with market stalls right through to elegant ribbon handle bags.

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  1. Belmont Range

    $4.45 / Case (ex GST)
  2. TWG Series

    $5.90 / Case (ex GST)
  3. TW Series

    $9.97 / Case (ex GST)
  4. Timber TX Series

    $9.97 / Case (ex GST)
  5. SL Series

    $4.13 / Case (ex GST)
  6. TG Gembox

    $18.05 / Case (ex GST)
  7. New York Series

    $2.78 / Case (ex GST)
  8. RL Gold Line Series

    $2.63 / Case (ex GST)
  9. RN Series

    $2.55 / Case (ex GST)
  10. Flock Series

    $2.19 / Case (ex GST)
  11. Vienna Range

    $2.45 / Box (ex GST)
  12. Bow Tie Range

    $2.32 / Box (ex GST)
  13. Magnetic Display DM

    $2.13 / Box (ex GST)
  14. Magnet Stripe Series

    $2.32 / Box (ex GST)
  15. Boho Range

    $1.33 / Box (ex GST)
  16. Lift Off Range

    $1.41 / Box (ex GST)
  17. Metallic Range

    $1.41 / Box (ex GST)
  18. Manhattan Range

    $3.39 / Case (ex GST)
  19. Pillow Boxes

    $0.42 / box (ex GST)
  20. Clearance Presentation Cases

    $0.65 / Box (ex GST)
  21. Cufflink Boxes

    $3.85 / Case (ex GST)
  22. Leatherette Display Stock

    $53.34 / Unit (ex GST)
  23. Elegant White Gloss Display

    $7.60 / Unit (ex GST)
  24. Bust Packs

    $135.50 / Set (ex GST)
  25. Clear Lid Presentation Cases

    $0.88 / Box (ex GST)
  26. Watch Stand

    $2.20 / Unit (ex GST)
  27. Classic Pin Pad & Serving Trays

    $68.20 / Tray (ex GST)
  28. Stackable Trays

    $38.69 / Tray (ex GST)
  29. Value Trays

    $46.15 / Tray (ex GST)
  30. Suede Pouches

    $0.50 / Pouch (ex GST)
  31. Satin Drawstring Pouches

    $0.80 / Pouch (ex GST)
  32. Leatherette Pouches

    $0.57 / Pouch (ex GST)
  33. Organza Pouches

    $0.41 / Pouch (ex GST)
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Items 1-36 of 67

per page