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If you sell jewellery, jewellery cases complete the buying experience for your customers. In particular, for small or more expensive items, appropriate packaging such as jewellery cases & boxes not only provide appropriate protection but also display the item in a way that showcases them.  

We supply a range of jewellery cases wholesale throughout Australia to suit a range of products – whether it’s rings, earrings, gems, cufflinks or pendants. We offer a variety of finishes including jewellery cases & boxes with luxurious leather-look interiors with colour options that add a touch of class including black, white, rich burgundy and gold. Clear presentation cases are ideal for gemstones as they enable customers to see items without needing to touch them. With different shapes to choose from such as round cases and squares, these jewellery cases show your products in their best light and don’t detract from the gems themselves. Jewellery cases with ribbon closures are great for items being purchased gifts. 

We also offer printing services that allow you to customise jewellery cases & boxes with your brand.

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  1. Belmont Range

    $4.45 / Case (ex GST)
  2. TW Series

    $9.97 / Case (ex GST)
  3. Timber TX Series

    $9.97 / Case (ex GST)
  4. SL Series

    $4.13 / Case (ex GST)
  5. TG Gembox

    $18.05 / Case (ex GST)
  6. Manhattan Range

    $3.39 / Case (ex GST)
  7. New York Series

    $2.78 / Case (ex GST)
  8. RL Gold Line Series

    $2.63 / Case (ex GST)
  9. RN Series

    $2.55 / Case (ex GST)
  10. Flock Series

    $2.19 / Case (ex GST)
  11. Vienna Range

    $2.45 / Box (ex GST)
  12. Bow Tie Range

    $2.32 / Box (ex GST)
  13. Magnetic Display DM

    $2.13 / Box (ex GST)
  14. Magnet Stripe Series

    $2.32 / Box (ex GST)
  15. Boho Range

    $1.33 / Box (ex GST)
  16. Lift Off Range

    $1.41 / Box (ex GST)
  17. Metallic Range

    $1.41 / Box (ex GST)
  18. Sheer Bow Range

    $1.28 / Box (ex GST)
  19. Cufflink Boxes

    $3.85 / Case (ex GST)
  20. Pillow Boxes

    $0.42 / box (ex GST)
  21. Clear Lid Presentation Cases

    $0.88 / Box (ex GST)
  22. TWG Series

    $5.90 / Case (ex GST)
  23. Clearance Presentation Cases

    $0.65 / Box (ex GST)
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24 Items

per page