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Jewellery display boxes and jewellery presentation cases are ideal for showcasing your products. 

We supply a range of wholesale jewellery display cases throughout Australia for items such as necklaces, earrings and watches. Our jewellery presentation cases made for specific items such as watches allow your items to be displayed in a way that showcases their best features and makes it easy to display and organise multiple items. 

Our wholesale jewellery display cases such as our range of busts, enable your customers to visualise what the item may look like on so are a fantastic sales tool. It minimises the need for customers to try items on so can decrease the amount of handling required and also allows them to be showcased easily. Our bust pack is a cost-effective way to display multiple items and with the different sizes, you can position smaller busts in front of the larger ones enabling better use of display space. Jewellery display boxes also help to prevent items from being damaged. To complete the buying experience for your customers, package items in one of our cases.

Quantity discounts are available for bulk purchases.

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  1. Leatherette Display Stock

    $53.34 / Unit (ex GST)
  2. Elegant White Gloss Display

    $7.60 / Unit (ex GST)
  3. Bust Packs

    $135.50 / Set (ex GST)
  4. Watch Stand

    $2.20 / Unit (ex GST)
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5 Items

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