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Manhattan Range

MN02 - Small Ring

The Manhattan Jewellery Range for a superior modern and stylish finish.

One of our most popular series, the Manhattan range, is our mid to high-end jewellery packaging product that boasts a sleek, modern and stylish finish. The leatherette-textured paper outer casing features a white leatherette interior that softly protects your jewellery. All cases come with a matching two-piece deep lid packer with a front flap, and most lift-out pads come with a strut stand on the back. Printing is available on the lid insert, case and packer.

24 per Carton See Quantity Discount
Carton Price: $81.36
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Qty of Cartons
$3.39 / Cases (ex GST)
NameCodeColoursSizePack QtyPrice (AUD)

MN02 - Small Ring

46 x 51 x 40mm24 per Carton$81.36/Carton (ex GST)

MN23 - Large Ring

55 x 55 x 48mm24 per Carton$100.80/Carton (ex GST)

MN07 - Earring Pendant

47 x 67 x 27mm24 per Carton$91.92/Carton (ex GST)

MN01H - Huggie Earring

46 x 51 x 35mm24 per Carton$81.36/Carton (ex GST)

MN04 - Twin Ring

74 x 51 x 39mm24 per Carton$105.36/Carton (ex GST)

MN05A - Pendant - Small Lift Out Pad

70 x 82 x 33mm24 per Carton$94.80/Carton (ex GST)

MN05B - Pendant - Ramp

70 x 82 x 33mm24 per Carton$94.80/Carton (ex GST)

MN05C - Hoop Earring

70 x 82 x 33mm24 per Carton$113.52/Carton (ex GST)

MN21A - Pendant - Large Lift Out

88 x 92 x 33mm24 per Carton$120.72/Carton (ex GST)

MN21B - Bangle - C Clip

88 x 92 x 33mm24 per Carton$135.36/Carton (ex GST)

MN21C - Bangle - Press Stud

88 x 92 x 33mm24 per Carton$156.00/Carton (ex GST)

MN75A - Small Necklet

111 x 158 x 36mm12 per Carton$95.52/Carton (ex GST)

MN77A - Large Necklet

161 x 161 x 34mm6 per Carton$72.60/Carton (ex GST)

MN79A - Omega Necklet

190 x 195 x 38mm6 per Carton$96.78/Carton (ex GST)

MN06A - Long Bracelet

225 x 51 x 29mm12 per Carton$71.52/Carton (ex GST)

MN01A - Stud Earring

46 x 51 x 35mm24 per Carton$81.36/Carton (ex GST)
NameCodeQuantity To BuyPrice (AUD)Discount Price (AUD)
MN02 - Small RingMN02 10 Cartons$81.36/Carton$69.16/Carton
MN23 - Large RingMN23 5 Cartons$100.80/Carton$85.68/Carton
MN07 - Earring PendantMN07 5 Cartons$91.92/Carton$78.13/Carton
MN01H - Huggie EarringMN01H 10 Cartons$81.36/Carton$69.16/Carton
MN04 - Twin RingMN04 5 Cartons$105.36/Carton$89.56/Carton
MN05A - Pendant - Small Lift Out PadMN05A 5 Cartons$94.80/Carton$80.58/Carton
MN05B - Pendant - RampMN05B 5 Cartons$94.80/Carton$80.58/Carton
MN05C - Hoop EarringMN05C 5 Cartons$113.52/Carton$96.49/Carton
MN21A - Pendant - Large Lift OutMN21A 5 Cartons$120.72/Carton$102.61/Carton
MN21B - Bangle - C ClipMN21B 5 Cartons$135.36/Carton$115.06/Carton
MN21C - Bangle - Press StudMN21C 5 Cartons$156.00/Carton$132.60/Carton
MN75A - Small NeckletMN75A 3 Cartons$95.52/Carton$81.19/Carton
MN77A - Large NeckletMN77A 6 Cartons$72.60/Carton$61.71/Carton
MN79A - Omega NeckletMN79A 6 Cartons$96.78/Carton$82.26/Carton
MN06A - Long BraceletMN06A 8 Cartons$71.52/Carton$60.79/Carton
MN01A - Stud EarringMN01A 10 Cartons$81.36/Carton$69.16/Carton
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