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Jewellery pouches are a great versatile packaging option for jewellery. We supply jewellery wallets and jewellery pouches wholesale throughout Australia and offers quantity discounts for bulk purchases. Our range of drawstring jewellery bags are great for stalls as they are easy to transport, don’t damage easily and don’t take up a lot of space for storing. With our wide selection of colours, you can choose an option that compliments your brand and we have both solid and transparent jewellery pouches available. 

Jewellery pouches are suitable to use for all kinds of jewellery including necklaces, earrings and bracelets. You can also customise your small jewellery pouches with printing available. Our leather-look pouches are recommended if you are considering printing for print durability. Our transparent pouches are popular for things like beaded bracelets as they allow the customer to see the product when it’s in the pouch and you can have products in the pouches before selling to help protect against damage. These are available in 11 colours. 

By using pouches, you can also eliminate the need for things like carry bags so they can be a cost-effective packaging option.

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  1. Leatherette Pouches

    $0.57 / Pouch (ex GST)
  2. Suede Pouches

    $0.50 / Pouch (ex GST)
  3. Satin Drawstring Pouches

    $0.80 / Pouch (ex GST)
  4. Organza Pouches

    $0.41 / Pouch (ex GST)
  5. Clearance Suede Pouches

    $0.25 / Pouch (ex GST)
  6. Clearance Leatherette Pouches

    $0.25 / Pouch (ex GST)
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6 Items

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