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Jewellery trays are a great way to organise small jewellery items like rings. Jewellery display trays

make it easy for your customers to see your range and try on multiple products, and they also help to protect your products from being damaged. 

Stackable jewellery trays are ideal if you have a wide range of products or have large numbers of one item. Bracelet trays are a great way to display bracelets if display space is an issue and they make it easy for your customers to compare items. Bracelet jewellery display trays are an effective way to showcase different materials, styles and colours. By making choice easy for your customers, jewellery display trays can be a great sales tool. 

Jewellery trays are a cost-effective way to display a large range of items and with a leather-look finish in classic black or white, they look luxurious and can enhance your products. You can mix up your displays by having flat trays in the front of your cases and then showcase specific items with a bust placed at the back. Once your customer has made a choice, you can then provide individual packaging such as a jewellery case.

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  1. Classic Pin Pad & Serving Trays

    $68.20 / Tray (ex GST)
  2. Stackable Trays

    $38.69 / Tray (ex GST)
  3. Value Trays

    $46.15 / Tray (ex GST)
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