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Lift Off Range
LO30 - Pendant
All boxes include a reversible black and white velvet pads. The LIFT OFF Range of boxes gives you a high quality packaging option. Features include: - Covered in high quality black and white paper - All boxes have reversible black and white velvet pads Reversible velvet/foam pad.

48 per Carton See Quantity Discount
Carton Price: $77.76
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Qty of Cartons
$1.62 / Box (ex GST)
Name Code Colours Size Pack Qty Price (AUD)

LO23 - Ring or Earring

Fast Track
50 x 50 x 38mm 48 per Carton $67.68/Carton (ex GST)

LO30 - Pendant

Fast Track
70 x 70 x 35mm 48 per Carton $77.76/Carton (ex GST)

LO10 - Universal

Fast Track
90 x 90 x 41mm 24 per Carton $54.72/Carton (ex GST)

LO25 - Long Bracelet

Fast Track
220 x 55 x 35mm 24 per Carton $68.40/Carton (ex GST)

LO42 - Necklet

Fast Track
190 x 190 x 40mm 12 per Carton $58.44/Carton (ex GST)
Name Code Quantity To Buy Price (AUD) Discount Price (AUD)
LO23 - Ring or Earring LO23 6 Cartons $67.68/Carton $57.53/Carton
LO30 - Pendant LO30 6 Cartons $77.76/Carton $66.10/Carton
LO10 - Universal LO10 6 Cartons $54.72/Carton $46.51/Carton
LO25 - Long Bracelet LO25 6 Cartons $68.40/Carton $58.14/Carton
LO42 - Necklet LO42 6 Cartons $58.44/Carton $49.67/Carton
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