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Box bottom bags are a versatile packaging option and are popular with food vendors and retailers. Box bottom bags are easy to incorporate your brand or label with either custom printing or stickers. Box bottom bags are ideal if you sell loose products where you fill the bags on the spot for your customers as they can be placed on a counter making them easier to fill. We supply both white and kraft paper box bottom bags including die cut handle box bottom carry bags. Our range is ideal for bulk food suppliers, boutique or gourmet food vendors and market stalls. 

If you are looking to source box bottom coffee bags, our window box bottom bags are a popular choice with coffee vendors. Our window bags are a convenient size and the window allows customers to see the coffee beans when choosing different blends. They are also ideal for gourmet foods such as nuts and sweets that are visually appealing. Our box bottom bags are environmentally friendly and are a cost-effective choice.

We also offer quantity discounts for bulk orders.

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  1. White SOS Box Bottom Bags

    $72.02 / Pack (ex GST)
  2. Brown SOS Box Bottom Bags

    $60.02 / Pack (ex GST)
  3. Sale Window - 80gsm Window - 80gsm

    Window Box Bottom Bags

    $129.00 / Pack (ex GST)
  4. Brown Die Cut Handle

    $96.99 / Pack (ex GST)
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Box Bottom Bags