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Our range of environmentally friendly paper boxes help to reduce your carbon footprint and many customers prefer.

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  1. Clamshell family boxes

    $59.83 / Pack (ex GST)
  2. Clamshell chip tray boxes

    $77.85 / Pack (ex GST)
  3. Clamshell large snack boxes

    $55.46 / Pack (ex GST)
  4. Clamshell snack boxes

    $51.72 / Pack (ex GST)
  5. Clamshell hotdog boxes

    $53.73 / Pack (ex GST)
  6. Clamshell dinner boxes

    $51.68 / Pack (ex GST)
  7. Clamshell hamburger boxes

    $53.09 / Pack (ex GST)
  8. Clamshell Burger Box High

    $57.09 / Pack (ex GST)
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9 Items

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Clamshell Boxes