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TW Series

TW5 - Pendant - Small
Premium timber boxes with a luxurious look and feel. Available in matt or gloss black with a 'leather look' interior. All boxes are packaged in a high quality white cardboard gift box. Soft cushion ring slots on ring and twin ring boxes. Lift Out Pad.

10 per Carton See Quantity Discount
Carton Price: $117.70
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Qty of Cartons
$11.77 / Cases (ex GST)
NameCodeColoursSizePack QtyPrice (AUD)

TW1H - Earring Huggie

60 x 60 x 55mm10 per Carton$99.70/Carton (ex GST)

TW2 - Ring Trench

60 x 60 x 55mm10 per Carton$99.70/Carton (ex GST)

TW2C - Ring Clip

60 x 60 x 55mm10 per Carton$99.70/Carton (ex GST)

TW4 - Twin Ring or Cufflink

80 x 60 x 53mm10 per Carton$128.50/Carton (ex GST)

TW5 - Pendant - Small

90 x 72 x 46mm10 per Carton$117.70/Carton (ex GST)

TW5H - Hoop

90 x 72 x 46mm10 per Carton$117.70/Carton (ex GST)

TW6 - Long Bracelet

240 x 60 x 46mm10 per Carton$197.90/Carton (ex GST)

TW7 - Pendant Large

100 x 100 x 53mm10 per Carton$197.90/Carton (ex GST)

TW8 - Bangle

100 x 100 x 53mm10 per Carton$219.30/Carton (ex GST)

TW9 - Large Necklet

190 x 190 x 53mm5 per Carton$206.70/Carton (ex GST)

TW10 - Necklet

160 x 160 x 70mm5 per Carton$128.45/Carton (ex GST)

TW10B - Ring/Earring/Pendant Set

TW10B160 x 160 x 70mm5 per Carton$135.35/Carton (ex GST)
NameCodeQuantity To BuyPrice (AUD)Discount Price (AUD)
TW1H - Earring HuggieTW1H 10 Cartons$99.70/Carton$89.73/Carton
TW2 - Ring TrenchTW2 10 Cartons$99.70/Carton$89.73/Carton
TW2C - Ring ClipTW2C 10 Cartons$99.70/Carton$89.73/Carton
TW4 - Twin Ring or CufflinkTW4 10 Cartons$128.50/Carton$115.65/Carton
TW5 - Pendant - SmallTW5 10 Cartons$117.70/Carton$105.93/Carton
TW5H - HoopTW5H 10 Cartons$117.70/Carton$105.93/Carton
TW6 - Long BraceletTW6 8 Cartons$197.90/Carton$178.11/Carton
TW7 - Pendant LargeTW7 8 Cartons$197.90/Carton$178.11/Carton
TW8 - BangleTW8 8 Cartons$219.30/Carton$197.37/Carton
TW9 - Large NeckletTW9 8 Cartons$206.70/Carton$186.03/Carton
TW10 - NeckletTW10 8 Cartons$128.45/Carton$115.61/Carton
TW10B - Ring/Earring/Pendant SetTW10B 8 Cartons$135.35/Carton$121.82/Carton
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