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As retail packaging suppliers, we supply a large range of retail packaging throughout Australia. Our range includes retail bagsflat or satchel bagsbox bottom bagsboxeswrapping paperlabelspouches and ribbons

Our range of retail bags includes cost-effective options such as environmentally friendly kraft paper bags with twisted handles along with die cut handle options. These bags are versatile and are suitable for a wide range of products. Our high-quality retail bags add a touch of luxury and enhance the shopping experience for your customers. With satin ribbon handled bags or our popular Kelly Bag featuring a stylish, tapered shape, luxurious handles and thick 200gsm paper you have some great options to choose from. We have a variety of small bags ideal for small items such as jewellery and larger bags with heavier paperweights for larger, or heavier items. 

We offer quantity discounts for bulk purchases and you also have the option to custom print your retail packaging with your logo – it looks professional and is a great opportunity to promote your brand or business.


View the large array of Paper packaging that Ayres have to offer. Including carry bags, flat or satchel bags, box bottom bags, boxes, wrapping paper, labels, pouches and ribbon.

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  1. Sale Heavy Weight Satchels - 2kg Potato Bag Heavy Weight Satchels - 2kg Potato Bag

    2kg Potato Bag

    $14.00 / Pack (ex GST)
  2. Sale Window - 80gsm Window - 80gsm

    Window Box Bottom Bags

    $129.00 / Pack (ex GST)
  3. Brown SOS Box Bottom Bags

    $60.02 / Pack (ex GST)
  4. Heavy Weight Satchels

    $10.52 / Pack (ex GST)
  5. 37gsm Bleached Bags

    $16.79 / Pack (ex GST)
  6. Sale 1 Square 1 Square

    40gsm Glassine

    $9.00 / Pack (ex GST)
  7. Plain Satin Ribbon

    $16.00 / Roll (ex GST)
  8. Metallic Bows

    $29.50 / Box (ex GST)
  9. Brown Die Cut Handle

    $96.99 / Pack (ex GST)
  10. 40gsm Brown Bags

    $13.06 / Pack (ex GST)
  11. Black and White Rope Handle Bags

    $0.98 / Bag (ex GST)
  12. Ribbon Handle Bags

    $1.16 / Bag (ex GST)
  13. Textured Diva Bags

    $1.72 / Bag (ex GST)
  14. Kelly Bags

    $1.02 / Bag (ex GST)
  15. Purse Gift Bag

    $1.68 / Bag (ex GST)
  16. Monaco Striped Bags

    $1.16 / Bag (ex GST)
  17. White Gloss Gussett

    $0.42 / Bag (ex GST)
  18. Enviro 100% Recycled Range

    $17.13 / Pack (ex GST)
  19. Leatherette Pouches

    $0.57 / Pouch (ex GST)
  20. Suede Pouches

    $0.50 / Pouch (ex GST)
  21. Organza Pouches

    $0.41 / Pouch (ex GST)
  22. Satin Drawstring Pouches

    $0.80 / Pouch (ex GST)
  23. Clearance Suede Pouches

    $0.25 / Pouch (ex GST)
  24. Pillow Boxes

    $0.42 / box (ex GST)
  25. Packing Cartons

    $30.64 / Pack (ex GST)
  26. Knockup Boxes

    $23.69 / Pack (ex GST)
  27. Ivory Gift Boxes.

    $0.49 / Box (ex GST)
  28. Sheer Ribbon

    $12.00 / Roll (ex GST)
  29. Printed Satin Ribbon

    $60.00 / Roll (ex GST)
View as Grid List

Items 1-36 of 49

per page